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Stanfield Roofing


Dedicated Commercial and Industrial Roofing Services

Since 2004, Stanfield Roofing has provided outstanding commercial and industrial roofing services in south-central Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Our team is passionate about providing top-quality service, and we have the expertise and the best materials and equipment to care for commercial roofs properly.


Contact us today at 316-322-7752 to schedule a free quote. 

Rooftop Maintenance by Stanfield Roofing

Rooftop Maintenance

Roof maintenance programs are essential for protecting your roofing system, whether it is new or old. Most roofing problems arise due to roofs being out of sight and out of mind and frequently ignored until a leak occurs. As a result of previously unknown problems, the roofing system may prematurely fail. 

Rooftop Maintenance Program by Stanfield Roofing

Roof Maintenance Programs

A roof maintenance program might help you stop issues before they start. Allow Stanfield Roofing to evaluate your roofing requirements and offer a roof maintenance program that meets your needs.

Roof Leak Repairs by Stanfield Roofing

Leak Repairs

Roof leaks are never pleasant, and difficult-to-find leaks are even worse. A certified technician division at Stanfield Roofing uses infrared technology to find tricky hidden breaches invisible to the unaided eye. Call Stanfield Roofing to make an appointment with a licensed technician.

Emergency Roof Repairs by Stanfield Roofing

Emergency Repairs

An emergency calls for drastic measures immediately. A roof that has suffered damage due to heavy rains, windstorms, hail, lightning strikes, or a breach requires emergency repair. The roof of your business is the most essential part of any building structure. A damaged roof needs immediate attention to prevent additional losses from occurring due to damage to the contents or the foundation.

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